Corpus Magazine

Constructing Tomorrow

a new digital magazine

“CORPUS is a new customer magazine aimed as much at decision makers in the construction industry as at architects, structural engineers, urban planners and product designers. Its focus is on the review and analysis of current issues in the fields of urbanization, architecture, infrastructure and sustainability – all of which have a major effect on how we will live in the future, worldwide.”

This project is a collaboration with Astronaut Studio

“CORPUS. Constructing Tomorrow” from BASF has won the 2016 German Design Award. A jury of international experts from industry, higher education, the media and design has commended the magazine in the “Apps” category for communication design excellence.

I also made some illustrations of the main products and also created small animations in Adobe After Effects of some of them.
In the magazine, the animations are played by the user by touching and dragging the finger on the device screen.