Astronaut Magazine

Issue 03 - Covers design

About the magazine

Astronaut Magazine is a labour of love puts together by a group of friends in Berlin. It’s a good-looking, digital indie magazine that thrives on our passion for stunning photography, smart films and inspiring stories. An astronaut is curious, fearless and bold. Our magazine features the works of many creative people who share these qualities, from photographers to musicians, from filmmakers to illustrators. But, more importantly, we also want to be a mouthpiece for people who aren’t heard from enough. Sharing these stories in a personal and unique way, Astronaut Magazine offers an exciting way to interact with video, image and text. It is an immersive experience that celebrates all those who dare to explore the limits of creativity and all those who revel in new discovery. This one’s for you.”

I designed the covers for the different stories of the magazine in its third issue.
This project is a collaboration with Astronaut Studio